• Jeff Walters, Leadership Advisor

Jeff is the proud owner of Infinite Business Solutions, a professional coaching firm. By leading from our own transformation, we are committed to powering transformation in the businesses and lives of those we serve. "You will benefit from our 30+ years of experience in Business Leadership- as an owner, leader, trainer and coach, fueled by a heart for service and an adaptability to flex in a myriad of business situations." 

A bit about Jeff...

My life's passion is all about summoning the potential in others. I had an instinct early on in my career for coaching others. Back in 1992, shortly after University graduation, I found myself in a role that ignited this fire while doing some consulting for a small independent retailer. Over the years I've worked in various leadership roles; always gravitating to opportunities that enable me to tap into the core "why" of others; propelling them onwards toward the achievement of their goals.

Over 15 years ago, while experiencing an in-depth personality profiling process, it was uncovered that the most prominent characteristic I possess is (and remains to this day), that of: COACH. Seeking to share my growth, I founded Infinite Coaching Solutions in 2015 as a way to help others grow and achieve beyond their known capabilities. In 2022, we executed a re-brand to our new name:

Infinite Business Solutions...Transformational Coaching for Your Business and Life!  

"Infinite Business Solutions is the truest expression of my authentic self- from an entrepreneurial spirit that started in childhood, the mind of a dreamer who believes that anything is possible, seeing the incredible potential in others, and a heart that beats to serve humanity. Offering my genuine self has been what's drawn others to me. Over the course of my career I've had the wonderful opportunity to experience different places in Canada. Business ownership, leadership, management, sales, marketing roles- in a diversity of markets- enables me to offer an extremely unique perspective while coaching (and drawing out the best in)others." 

Most importantly - I've had successes, I've made mistakes and I've grown- as a person, as a business owner and in my caring for others. I've been transformed from the inside, out. You'll get my truth, my insight and my combined experience with authenticity every time we talk. 

"By sharing my experience with integrity, authenticity and vulnerability, I always work to ensure you feel that I am completely present when in conversation with you - as if you are the only one that matters."

~Jeff Walters

Jeff Walters- Leadership Advisor

In Summary:

30+ Years of Successful Business Experience in: Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Training

26+ Years of Successful Business Ownership Experience

Nearly 10 Years of Direct Coaching Experience with a Growth and Mindset focus

"From Startups to Scaleups, If it's Leadership Development, Sales/Marketing, Operations or Executive Coaching, the answer is: Infinite Business Solutions"

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Experience Matters......And Here's a Synopsis:


  •  30+ Years of success and expertise in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Management and Business Ownership
  •  Began consulting from a coach mindset immediately following University
  •  Gravitated to roles throughout career that afforded opportunities to coach and mentor others
  •  Opened first successful business- in the retail sporting goods sector at age 28
  •  Participated on several national committees and advisory boards- including National and International Marketing   Committees, National Advisory Council, Buying Committees 
  •  Regional Operations Manager for a major national sporting goods company- fully engaged the opportunity to coach and   mentor retail business owners while responsible for a $20MM+ aggregate budget
  •  Developed a successful real estate practice and engaged in being coached extensively
  •  Coached/Trained Real Estate Agents while serving as part of Senior Management with a large, big- market Real Estate   Brokerage. Certified Mentor/Trainer with the largest coaching company in the Real Estate industry
  •  Contract expertise
  •  Became Certified as a Life Coach in 2016, and Infinite Coaching Solutions was breathed to life
  •  Rebranded as Infinite Business Solutions in 2022 with clarity as a full service Transformational Business Coaching and   Consulting firm


  • 2023- President of Networking Now Niagara
  • 2023-Board member with Niagara Board of Trade and Commerce (NBOTAC)
  • 2022-23- Active member of Business Builders Niagara
  • 2023- Active member with BNI Masterminds
  • Coaching career began early, working with younger hockey players while still a young adult
  • Actively participated as a trainer, assistant coach and head coach over a span of 10 years
  • Participated on boards and committess, including local level volunteer organizations, Rotary International, United Way, AREA

“As a Coach, you “see” the world with   X-ray eyes. It is natural for you to look beyond the immediate (people, places and circumstances) to draw out potential. You find your significance by watching others achieve their goals."

~Jeff Walters