Let HOPE Fill The Space...

06.07.23 06:18 PM

....the space left open when you let go of fear!

Previously I wrote an article wherein I talked about understanding our fears- fear of success, fear of failure - both of which are ultimately tied to a fear of judgement. Recently, as I continue to work with more and more business owners and leaders, I've noted that Fear remains a very big motivator for so many of us, on some level, (myself included). However, what if we just let go of Fear and replace it with a mindset of Hope. What exactly would that look like? Today, we're going to explore this idea more deeply. Read on, and let's move you into a more Hope-centred mindset. This is not just a rah rah, get motivated type of article. My intent is to share some practical "how to's" with you as well. We'll explore the differences between fear and hope mindsets, their impact on business, and strategies to cultivate a hope-based focus.  

In the world of business, mindset plays a crucial role in determining success. Two contrasting mindsets often emerge as driving forces behind decision-making and overall attitude: fear and hope. While fear-based thinking tends to limit growth and innovation, a hopeful mindset can lead to truly transformative outcomes.  

Before we go into the specifics, let me share the perspective from which I operate. I believe that we must all work from our truth, our passions and our gifts- whatever those might be- with authenticity. My mission is to help people uncover their truths and live authentically, then to allow that authenticity and gifting to flow outward in how each one serves others in our businesses and those we lead. My deepest truth is that we must live authentically-from an inner place of transformation

However, living authentically doesn't automatically negate fear. Fear is powerful-and unfortunately, seems to be more powerful than Hope, quite often. In my work, I have come to witness that many people are very attached to their fears, even fully aware that they are living from a fear based mindset; yet fearful of letting go of fear for fear of what will replace the fear! Yes, that was the word fear a whole lot in one sentence. It's amazing how little we allow ourselves to trust in Hope! 

  1. What is a "Fear Mindset"?: The fear mindset is characterized by a focus on limitations, risks, and the potential for failure. Business decisions driven by fear often lead to inaction, missed opportunities, and stagnation. Common fears that entrepreneurs and business owners face include: fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of the unknown-ultimately a fear of judgment, as discussed previously. The negative consequences of a fear-based mindset result in a total suppression of creativity, poor decision-making, and a lack of overall business growth. So think about this- you are already in a lack or scarcity mindset and want to free yourself of it by building a successful business- yet your fear based mindset is keeping you from growing and thus achieving the very abundance you claim to want!

  2. Contrast the Power of a "Hope Mindset": Let's now examine a hope mindset, one that embraces optimism, possibility, and a belief in future success. If your hope based mindset is tied to an inner purpose or "why"- from a transformative, not just external motivational perspective- this is where real growth and opportunity to truly achieve abundance can occur. Hope-based thinking can inspire resilience, innovation, and a willingness to take calculated risks. When shifting to hope, the benefits are multiple and include: increased motivation, enhanced problem-solving abilities, and the ability to navigate challenges with greater ease. Living from a hope based perspective means living from the heart- trusting in our instincts, heightening and utilizing creativity, and enhancing our problem solving capabilities! Wow- that sounds like a lot of fun, yes? But what holds us back from getting there? - Fear. The fear of replacing what we already know and have become accustomed to (fear) with something that is uncomfortable or unknown (hope) keeps us from making that very (what should be) simple shift.

  1. Cultivating a Hope Mindset: We've broken this issue down on many levels. Here's where we get practical. How do we replace fear with hope? Read on:

    a. Self-reflection and awareness: Examine your current mindset and identify any fear-based patterns. Journaling and meditation are great tools to achieve this level of self reflection and clarity.

    b. Surrounding oneself with Positivity: This may sound obvious, or even border on the "rah-rah", but a truly supportive network is powerful, and this is where the value of a mentor or COACH becomes important!  A good coach isn't just a cheeleader.  You should be held accountable to working towards the goals that you set for yourself and your business as well.

    c. Celebrating Successes: Last weekend we celebrated Canada Day- July 1. As of June 30th we were already halfway through 2023. I took time with those close to me on the evening of June 30th to reflect on the first 6 months of this year, and to list the achievements we've made and celebrate the successes we've had so far this year. Do this- OFTEN, with even the smallest wins.

    d. Setting Goals: We've talked about SMART goals before- but goals are no joke- especially directly tied to your why, your purpose, your mission, your vision. Are you, and everyone in your organization working from that place of alignment? To the mission? To the vision? To the values? To the goals?

    e. Practice Gratitude: Practicing regular (even daily) gratitude is truly practical way to help foster a hope based mindset. The more you find to be thankful for, the more you'll find hope and new things to be thankful for!

  2. Overcoming Challenges with Hope: Do you see every challenge as an opportunity to grow? Do you get stuck in your head, or are you aligned with you heart? If you are properly aligned and a challenge comes along, you'll have the capacity to use your mind for one of the two things it's designed for - creativity or problem solving. When working from a Hope mindset, you will be working from your heart- freeing your mind to handle challenges that occur, and with some capacity to do so. There is a positive compounding effect on energy as well which we'll address another day.

The mindset we adopt as business owners and entrepreneurs significantly influences our decision-making, actions, and ultimately, the success of our ventures. By understanding the differences between fear and hope mindsets, and intentionally cultivating a hopeful perspective, we unlock the power within ourselves, our energy and therefore our businesses. Let go of the fear, by literally replacing fear with hope. Slide hope into the place of fear within you. If the tips above still leave you unsure as to how, then let's talk! I will walk alongside you and assist in this process. If you want to know more, and have a chat about it, the coffee's on me- as always. www.infinitebusinesssolutions.ca is the website. Contact us by clicking HERE to set up a meeting!

Jeff Walters